Category: Software Defined Networking

Posts about Software Defined Networking and some Open Source router and Firewall devices you can deploy in a physical or virtual environment.

This category will go into configurations and tips and tricks you can use to make the networking device more useful and secure.

VyOS Basic COnfiguration for a Home Lab

VyOS Configuration and Installation

This post will cover the VyOS configuration for a home lab using a standard Zone layout. The installation and configuration should take about 1 hour. What is VyOS? VyOS is a forked version of the Vyatta router that was bought by AT&T in 2017. Since it was bought, Vyatta is...

VMware NSX Overview

Overview of VMware NSX Architecture

VMware NSX Architecture is simply an added product that allows you to install and manage virtual networking and security devices inside your existing VMware cloud.  VMware acquired this technology from Nicira in 2012. This acquisition launched VMware into the software-defined networking (SDN) business and cemented their position as the number...