Category: Homelab

This category will cover what it takes to build and use your personal homelab to learn and grow in DevOps. We will go over different types of Homelabs you can have and review hardware and test configurations.

MS Hyper-V Laptop Lab

Free Windows Hypervisor Lab on your Laptop

Ever want to get more hands on experience with new technology but couldn’t afford the costs of an expensive home lab. Here’s what I did to build a Windows Hypervisor Lab on your Laptop for free!  I can now can build out very complicated DevOps configurations all within my virtual...

Best Hosted Hypervisor for Home Lab

Best Hosted Hypervisor for Home Lab

Do you want to learn more about new technologies?  Then you need a personal lab.  Let’s review what your options are to install the best hosted hypervisor for your home lab. If you support IT for a living, learning new technologies becomes a big part of your life.  The best...

Personal Computer Lab HP Servers

Building a Home Virtualization Lab

Building a personal home virtualization lab is easier and less expensive than you might think. This article will go into setting a budget, defining your goals, and buying exactly what you need. To get started, the first this to do is to write down your goals for the lab and...